Hierarchy Archive

Painting Hierarchy or the Hierarchy of Genres are the six main types of painting:

1. History Painting
2. Portrait Painting
3. Genre Painting
4. Landscape Painting
5. Animal Painting
6. Still Life Painting

Most of the paintings falls in one or more of these categories and are defined, interpreted accordingly.

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Fine Wind, Clear Morning is a part of the famous Ukiyo-e painting series “Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji” by the famous Japanese woodblock painter Katsushika Hokusai. It is the same series which is comprises another known Ukiyo-e painting called “The Great Wave of Kanagawa.” The above painting with high-contrast colors stands out the most in the painting series. The red Mount Fuji, which gained this color due to the rising sun, stands tall in the background of the blue, white-clouded sky. The foothill is filled with the jungle, which is black as sunshine has yet to reach the bottom part. The painting displays the nature’s beauty with extravagant colors. Artist has used artificial colors to remind us about the natural beauty. Enjoy the other paintings by the […]


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The Last Supper is a big (181 x 346 inches) fresco painting (a type of Mural painting) on the wall of Church Santa Maria Della Grazie, Milan. It was finished in 1498 by Leonardo da Vinci is still there after going through a world war attack (which destroyed the surrounding walls of the building) and after many restorations. The represented painting the one after the latest restoration in 1991. Though, being around 500 years old, the cracks on the walls are clearly visible which got more opened up by the WWII bombings. It is easily the most known mural of the world. It depicts “The Last Supper” took by Jesus and his twelve apostles. The final moment when Jesus revealed that one of his apostles […]


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