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Art forms defined by subject matter rather than an artistic style, including narrative religious mythological and allegorical subjects

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The Last Supper is a big (181 x 346 inches) fresco painting (a type of Mural painting) on the wall of Church Santa Maria Della Grazie, Milan. It was finished in 1498 by Leonardo da Vinci is still there after going through a world war attack (which destroyed the surrounding walls of the building) and after many restorations. The represented painting the one after the latest restoration in 1991. Though, being around 500 years old, the cracks on the walls are clearly visible which got more opened up by the WWII bombings. It is easily the most known mural of the world. It depicts “The Last Supper” took by Jesus and his twelve apostles. The final moment when Jesus revealed that one of his apostles […]


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