Helga by Anders Zorn

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Helga by Anders Zorn

Painting NameHelga
Painter NameAnders Zorn
Completion Date1917
Size64.5 x 100.5 cm (25.39" x 3' 3.57")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Helga (a name derived from the word Holy) is one of the paintings depicted by the leading Swedish artist from late 19th century, Anders Zorn. It is a part of the series in which Zorn depicted nude women in various backgrounds or with different elements.

As we can see here, the painting represents the girl called Helga with completely bare body. The apparent depiction of sensuality is being the main element as intended by the artist. The girl is standing without any clue of shyness in her eyes or in the body language. The girl in the backdrop is probably bent to take a robe or a towel. One can interpret the painting, as the depiction of human in natural environment in his natural condition.

In the art of painting, depiction of a nude body is considered as a very hard portion to acquire perfectly. But here, just like his other paintings consisting nude figures, artist have successfully painted the figures faultlessly.


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