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Le Flirt by Edouard Bernard Debat Ponsan

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Le Flirt by Edouard Bernard Debat Ponsan

Painting NameLe Flirt
Painter NameEdouard Bernard Debat Ponsan
Completion Date1896
Size115.5 x 80 cm (3' 9.47" x 31½")
Current LocationPrivate collection
One Response to “Le Flirt by Edouard Bernard Debat Ponsan”
  1. Kevin McGan

    I have an original painting by E. Debat-Ponsan in it’s original frame that looks identical to the one that is commonly known as “Le Flirt” or “Flirting”. There are only minor differences in the background of the painting. I have to wonder about the authenticity of the name of the painting “Le Flirt”. My painting is in near mint condition as it was originally framed under glass and kept out of direct sunlight since new. It also has it’s original label which depicts the name of the painting as “Rustic Gossips”. The paining came from an auction of the contents of a huge church in Newark N.J. in 2003. The church was originally built in 1817. The clergy believe the painting hung on the wall in the hallway to the inner offices for over 100 years. I have to wonder if some private owner may simply have made up a name for the painting since it does look like the young boy could be flirting with the girl, but for the sake of accurately recording history, the correct name for the painting “Rustic Gossips” should be used. If you are interested in contacting me for any reason, feel free to do so.

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