Moonlit Beauties by Luis Ricardo Falero

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Moonlit Beauties by Luis Ricardo Falero It is the works like these which inspires people saying: A Picture Describes a Thousand Words. The whole depiction is glorifying the heavenly beauties.

Painting NameMoonlit Beauties
Painter NameLuis Ricardo Falero
Size52.7 x 104.8 cm (20¾" x 3' 5.26")
Current LocationPrivate collection

This depiction of somewhat mythological angels is a creation of Luis Ricardo Falero, a Spanish painter who specialized in female nudes and mythological settings. Other than his mastery in fantasies, he also had a keen interest in astronomy. And here is the combination of both subjects in a very attractive way. His paintings often consisted astronomical elements like stars, moon and constellations.

In the current painting, both the elements are merged cleverly. The heavenly nudes are flying in mid-air (maybe in the space) with very delicate and graceful gestures. The two stars just above their heads are symbolic. The angels’ hands deliberately pointing at them indicate some secret connection. It won’t be wrong if we presume the women as a metaphor of the stars. The artist could be representing his imagination about the stars and is a very beautiful imagination about the specious cosmos spread around earth.

Unlike many painters, Falero has succeeded extruding his inner vision and depicting it finely on the canvas with oil. Two more angelic women with stars and many more stars twinkling in the background widens our vision as the full universe is full of these heavenly beauties.



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