Patricia Watwood

Born1971 (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
Painting StyleRealism

Paintings of Patricia Watwood

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Patricia’s series of Venuses has become a note-worthy art-pieces for its radical depictions. Sleeping Venus is a similar work by her. Apocalypse Venus is said to be inspired from the classic work Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. If you are familiar with the classic work (and if not, then click the link to see it), you would find the similarities between Venuses in both paintings. Both are posed as the central figure and central theme of the painting. Though, Patricia in her painting, indicating by the title, has took a radical new approach at depicting the goddess, almost taking the subject to the opposite side of the arc. While Botticelli’s work is showing, as title suggests, the birth of the goddess Venus with all the pleasant environment and auspicious […]


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The subject of ‘Sleeping Venus’ in painting has been around since the Renaissance period. In this art-piece, the American artist, Patricia Watwood has composed the classic subject with refreshing modern aspects and a subtle but strong symbolism. It is another attempt of depicting the popular painting subject in contemporary times as artist in all centuries have tried to do the same according to their own time period, social changes, progression and beliefs. Watwood’s inclusion of technology into the subject could be acclaimed at one of the first. Symbolism of True Love Venus is the goddess of love. The peacock feather earring she is wearing symbolizes the ‘eyes of heaven’, relating to the heavenly connection of the subject matter. The highly sensual depiction of the goddess […]


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