Portrait of the Artist by George Hewitt Cushman


Portrait of the Artist by George Hewitt Cushman

Painting NamePortrait of the Artist
Painter NameGeorge Hewitt Cushman
Completion Date1839
Size2.5 x 3.2 cm (.98" x 1.26")
Current LocationMetropolitan Museum of Art (Manhattan New York United States)

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2 Responses to “Portrait of the Artist by George Hewitt Cushman”
  1. Vince Amico

    I have in my collection a full length portrait of Alice Cushman, wearing her grandmother Cushmans wedding gown, and painted by her father George Hewitt Cushman. Have you any information about any larger scale portraits or other works other than the miniatures associated with this artist?

    • Jaimin

      We would really appreciate if you publish your collection on our website. All of your images will be credited on your name and your contact details.


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