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Sleeping Venus by Patricia Watwood

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Sleeping Venus by Patricia Watwood

Painting NameSleeping Venus
Painter NamePatricia Watwood
Place of CreationUSA
Current LocationPrivate collection

The subject of ‘Sleeping Venus’ in painting has been around since the Renaissance period. In this art-piece, the American artist, Patricia Watwood has composed the classic subject with refreshing modern aspects and a subtle but strong symbolism. It is another attempt of depicting the popular painting subject in contemporary times as artist in all centuries have tried to do the same according to their own time period, social changes, progression and beliefs. Watwood’s inclusion of technology into the subject could be acclaimed at one of the first.

Symbolism of True Love

Venus is the goddess of love. The peacock feather earring she is wearing symbolizes the ‘eyes of heaven’, relating to the heavenly connection of the subject matter. The highly sensual depiction of the goddess also indicates towards love. The yellow bird on the right is the symbol of ‘true love’ in cultural referrals.

Venus, herself seeming in a reverie could be arguable interpreted as dreaming about her true love. The dying branch of maple and a shrub on the lower right corner could be indicating the long time she has been waiting for her true love. All these symbolism used in the painting projects ‘true love’ as the main subject of the painting rather than sensuous, as it could be interpreted at the first site of the painting. Though, some could argue that love and sensuality have a very thin difference.

Artificial Composition and Setting

The composition and the setting of the scene is much more artificial than the predecessor paintings of the same subject. The artist being a 21st century woman, she has included a touch of present time in the painting, doing the same as contemporary artists in the past have given the subject their own contemporary touches.

This one surrounds the goddess of love with two aspects of modern lives, technology and nature. These are two main aspects our lives are surrounded by mainly. In that sense, love and the Sleeping Venus could be interpreted as the symbol of life itself.

Though, the circuit boards and wires are shown broken and the elements of nature are dying. It subtly indicates towards how, both of those important things of lives are failing and breaking apart at finding the true love. The depiction also resembles to the story of sleeping beauty, in which, she sleeps until the true love comes and rescues her.

In history, the very first painting with nude Venus was Sleeping Venus by Giorgione. The subject matter and some of the elements still stays as same even after the gap of 500 years, the setting has changed drastically over time as you can see it in our collection of Reclining Venus painted throughout history.

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