Three Women in a Garden by Kate Greenaway

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Three Women in a Garden by Kate Greenaway

Painting NameThree Women in a Garden
Painter NameKate Greenaway
Size36.8 x 28.5 cm (14.49" x 11.22")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Children’s book illustrator and writer from Nottinghamshire, England, Kate Greenaway was a famous artist in late 19th century. She illustrated children’s books for her entire life and after achieving a considerable status in England, there is a Kate Greenaway Medal distributed every year in UK.

From such a revered artist this illustration is from one of her children’s books. It depicts three ladies in a garden with musical instruments. Attired in long gowns, the women seem singing and playing the instruments to please somebody not present in the frame. They are near the wall of the garden proceeding to someone. Some kind of perennial vine over the wall and the uprising pink flowers behind them adds a tender touch to the scene.

As we can see the variety in the song is not wide as they have two tambourines and a triangle to play. By getting a closure look, the red-headed lady is seeing at their targeted person for whom they are playing. The lady in the middle with green gown is apparently singing and the third lady tinkling on the triangle, she seems a little big despaired as her gaze is downwards and the face has frowned eyebrows. Maybe there we can find some story going on of which this illustration is a part of.

The illustration holds every aspect which should be included in a children’s book, a tender and soothing environment, angelic figures with pure emotions and uncluttered representation of the scene. Unlike today’s comic-books jam-packed with horrific figures and vibrant colors, this illustration sits on far opposite side from them.


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