Wheat Fields with Cypresses by Vincent Van Gogh (London Version)

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Wheat Fields with Cypresses by Vincent Van Gogh (London Version)

Painting NameWheat Fields with Cypresses
Painter NameVincent Van Gogh
Completion Date1889
Place of CreationFrance
Size72.1 cm × 90.9 cm (28.4 in × 35.8 in)
Current LocationThe National Gallery London

This painting is a part of the series Cypresses by Van Gogh produced in 1889-1890. The represented one is the most popular as it got famed in 1993 after its sell to Walter H. Annenberg for an equivalent amount of $ 86.3 million. It is considered as the artist one of the masterpieces.

Though, if one takes a closer look at the painting, he learns that the depiction is more related to his fantasy than the reality as if he just watched the real scene and then depicted it in his own style of broken brush and post-impressionist vivid colors. This portrayal from his last days has filled with vibrant and close to original colors as he accepted the post-impressionism.

Van Gogh’s prominent works has been produced in his later times, mostly after he got admitted in the hospital of Arles in 1888 and 1889. This one is from the same time produced in 1889 with oil on canvas. Van Gogh didn’t have much choice about the subjects to get inspire from in the hospital and was left to choose between the scenery around the hospital, his memories of the old times including the peasants and his old unfinished works.

Van Gogh was an artist who never allowed his art to be bound by the artistic limits. As we can see here, he merely described realism and depicted an imaginary scene based on the real one. From the style of his brushstrokes to the weird selection of colors over reality, his paintings have become inspirations to many artists in modern world. An American painter Stefan Duncan got so much impressed by Van Gogh that he grasped the artist’s style solely and produced the similar works and is on his way to become America’s Vincent van Gogh. And this is just one example.

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    Thank you for mentioning. It’s been the greatest honor to be noted as America’s Van Gogh. Would be happy to talk about painting in any of your articles.

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