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This time, Art Update includes two important paintings found: one by Vincent van Gogh and another by Norman Rockwell, due to damaged air-conditioning the important renaissance art works of Borghese Gallery, Rome are under threat, Francis Bacon’s another $100 million painting about to be auctioned and Mondrian’s most expensive art work yet.

Important Vincent van Gogh and Norman Rockwell’ paintings found

Almost every painting by Vincent van Gogh is on high demand. He is like most liked and most sought after artist. Anywhere you go, you wouldn’t find a person who doesn’t his name – he should be interested in paintings though.

His artworks being hot cakes in the art-market are selling for insanely high price.

News are, a new painting has been found by him. The title is ‘Cypress Sky and Country’. It was found in the Spanish Tax offender’s safety deposit box after it was missing for around 40 years. In a way, it’s from Nazi plunder. Because, during the second World War Nazis had took it with them.

Now, as it is uncovered we could just guess affirmatively that the price wouldn’t be less than a $100 million if it ever goes under the hammer.

Another famous art-work found is by Norman Rockwell, the artist who provided artwork for the cover page of ‘The Saturday Evening’s post.’ He was quite popular in his times and the work which has been found was owned by a school principal for nearly 50 years. As he asserts, the art-work was from Rockwell to him as a gift for the graduating seniors in the contemporary year. He gave it after it wasn’t able to be accepted for the newspaper’s cover. It is estimated to fetch around $1.5 million in the Sotheby’s auction in New York with other 10 works by Rockwell.

Here are both of the paintings. Though, we couldn’t find the higher resolution version of Van Gogh’s painting.

Cypress Sky and Country by Vincent van Gogh Willie Gillis in Convoy (1943) by Norman Rockwell


Famous artworks under threat by…poor air conditioning

In Borghese Gallery, Itary are stored some of the famous art works from renaissance. For instance, The Deposition of Christ by Raphael, Sacred and Profane Love by Titian and Madonna and Child with St. Anne by Caravaggio.

These all are major works, which should be taken care with highest priorities.

But, just because of the broken air conditioning of the gallery, due to heat and humidity all the art-works are under threat to get deteriorated.

Authorities are saying that they had requested about the problem 2 years ago but no countermeasures were applied. Now, they are under critical risk of damaging the art works and losing some of the visitors out of 500,000 who visits the gallery every year. After all, those works are the charming factor making people to visit.

Sacred and Profane Love by Titian


Another $100 million Bacon painting is on the way

Francis Bacon is known for his unique art and also for his painting Three Studies of Lucian Freud which was sold for staggering $142.4 million last year.

Expecting similar number to be hammered at Christie’s auction, Bacon’s another painting Three Studies for a Portrait of John Edwards has made its way at the auction held by Christie’s. Auction is on 13th May, today.

Bacon’s triptychs are seeing unprecedented popularity any other artist has ever saw in the similar form of art and style.

Three Studies for a Portrait of John Edwards by Francis Bacon

Most expensive Mondrian art-work sold yet

Mondrian was a painter from early 20th century and he made pretty simple compositional paintings like this:
Composition No. 10 by Mondrian

The shown one is pretty famous. He has many other similar paintings with complex compositions. Though, it is not the only theme he worked upon, to be clear.

Now a new painting by the artist is available for sale called ‘Composition with Red, Blue and Grey.’ It is expected to break the previous record of 17.6 million pounds for the most expensive painting by the artist.

Here is the new piece with artist’s self portrait:

Composition with Red, Blue and Grey by Mondrian

If it breaks the previous record than the it will do at least of 18 million pounds.


Speed Painting of “Underwater Love at First Sight”


Speed painting of “Underwater Love at First Sight” from Kate Toluzakova on Vimeo.


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