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Two Paul Cezanne art works discovered

Two works of Paul Cezanne, the known French artist who holds the record of the most expensive painting to date, have been recently discovered during a conservation work in Philadelphia’s Barnes Foundation museum.


Though, these are newly found works by Cezanne, but not on new canvas. These works are unfinished sketches, one being a graphite sektche and another being a watercolor. Both were found on the backside of another Paul Cezanne paintings. The two paintings whose backs were secretly carrying these two sketches are called, “The Chaine de l’Etoile Mountains” (which has the graphite sketch) and “Trees” (having the watercolor sketch).
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Paint Nite – Big help for painters seeking good locations


Paint Nite is a social painting start up began in 2012 with $7000, is now generating revenue of around $50 million per year and recently has garnered around $13 million  through fundings for its next projects.

The start up offers 135 locations all over the world for artists to sit and paint in those extraordinary locations with a cocktail.

You can roll yourself in if you are seeking for new locations around the world. The service intends to spread into more regions like Asia.
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Painting sold for $10000 before its finished

The artist is from Derbyshire and his 14th piece of painting called “Before the Storm” has just been sold for $10000 before it’s completed. This is a big achievement for a young contemporary, realist painter named Darren Reid.

Why he is so in demand? Look at some of his finely detailed and realistic paintings. Very rare artists reaches to the ability of what he is doing:

Low Winter Sun

“Low Winter Sun”

Crossing the Tracks

“Crossing the Tracks”



and now, the expensive, unfinished painting:

"Before the Storm"

“Before the Storm”

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George Washington Painting to be sold, $1 million expected

The portrait of George Washngton by the American portrait artist, Gilbert Stuart, is about to be auctioned on Thursday. Until then the painting will be put for public view.

Lansdowne portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart

The title of the painting is “Lansdowne portrait of George Washington”. It is among the six prominent portraits by the artist which depicted the first six presidents of the United States. The 18th century artist, in total, produced around a 1000 portraits in his life of 72 years.

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And if you have time and want to read something interesting, here is a good article called “The man who made Monet: how impressionism was saved from obscurity”.

In other art updates, Dublin’s first major art auction of 2015 has began; Sotheby’s acquires 25% of RM Auctions (a classic car auctioneer) and you can also play music through your paintings now.



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