Drawing Contest

The challenge is started from the July 1st, so you can prepare for yourself for the challenge.

If you allow, we will post your works on our stream everyday. This will continue to happen the whole month of July. On the 31st day, the post with most +1s will be announced as the winner!

There are no prizes involved. It is just a fun activity to promote art of drawing and painting.

How it will work?

Simple rules:

1. Contest begins on the 1st July 2014.

2. According to (UTC -8:00) Pacific Time (US and Canada), the works sent before midnight will be accepted and will be shared on the next day on#artpaintingartist  ‘s stream.

3. Only hand-drawn art-works are acceptable. No digital works. Also, it’s limited to Black and White pencil drawings. No colors and paints. For the Day 20, the challenge is, you have make a B&W art which makes the viewer “think” of color orange.

4. You can send us the works on: artpaintingartist@gmail.com OR hashtag (#artpaintingartist) on Google+ and we will collect the entries for each day.

5. Provide this info with each entry:
+ Title of the work
+ Artist’s name
+ The date the work is for

6. Artworks will be published on the stream on the next day.

7. Both +1s and shares will be counted for the final voting.

8. The rating done only on the stream of +Art Painting Artist will be counted. The reason is because the rating audience should remain the same, otherwise person with 1500 followers would have more chances to win.

9. Rating would be open until end of the month.

10. You can enter in the contest even on the last day.

11. Winning titles:
+ Most Liked Drawing
+ Most Liked Artist

12. There would be First, Second and Third place in each titles.

13. It isn’t mandatory to make one drawing everyday. But, you would want to do that to heighten the chances of winning the second title.

14. Contest ends on 30th July and on July 31st, the winners will be announced.

15. There are no prizes involved. It just a fun activity to promote the art and the artists.

30 Day Drawing Challenge

Day 1: Yourself – Entries

Day 2: Favorite Animal – Entries

Day 3: Favorite Food – Entries

Day 4: Favorite Place – Entries

Day 5: Best Friend – Entries

Day 6: Favorite Book Character – Entries

Day 7:  Favorite Word – Entries

Day 8: Favorite Animated Character – Entries

Day 9: Favorite TV Show – Entries

Day 10: Favorite Candy – Entries

Day 11: Turning Point In Your Life – Entries

Day 12: Most Recent Accomplishment – Entries

Day 13: Comic – Entries

Day 14: Favorite Fairytale – Entries

Day 15: Family Picture – Entries

Day 16: Inspiration – Entries

(Contest Now Expired)