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This time Art Update brings the updates including another scientific attempt to reveal the origin Mona Lisa model, a blind artist’s artworks, Gallipoli Art Prize’s unbelievable winner and the 8 bit versions of the famous art-works.

One more scientific take at identifying Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is the most famous painting ever and the model who stood for the painting is enjoying after death status of no less than a popular celebrity. Because, every year Louvre Museum is visited by 6 million people and how many of them you think would skip it?

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

Now, scientists are trying once more (they have never stopped actually) to identify the Mona Lisa.

Silvano Vincenti, the project leader, is searching for a DNA connection between a tomb of alleged Mona Lisa found in 2012 and a recent discovery of another tomb comprising the male members of her family. If they do find a connection, then a team would create a 3D model of her skull and would see if the face made out of that skull is matching with the face in Mona Lisa painting.

Nice trick. If they do find it then her identity will reveal after 500 years of the creation of the painting. Then, we are just left with another perplexing question of if she is smiling or not?

Winner of Gallipoli Art Prize is unbelievable

I am not doubting the ability of judges or anything disrespectful. It’s just that for an average viewer the painting would seem to a creation of a little child from kindergarten. Here is the winning painting:

Gallipoli Evening 2013 by Idris Murphy

You can see, it’s a finger painting with golden painting on the most surface with a tree standing in the middle.

Now, art is a subjective and the perceptions could vary. According to the source, the possibility is that the judges liked the story behind the painting more than the painting itself.

The artist Idris Murphy found 160 love letters sent by his grand father to his grandmother from the Gallipoli battlefield. That’s intense and interesting. He got inspired to painting something on it and this piece is what he got. The emotional touch of the painting is what, maybe, made him the winner.

Again, not questioning the judges’ judgement, for an average viewer it would see incredulous for this painting to win, if one looks at the other finalists in the competition.

An artist who hasn’t let blindness stop him from painting

An art exhibition of an artist is about to go live in Aucocisco Gallery in Portland. Apart from the attraction of the beautiful landscapes art, people are excited to see the artwork because they are depicted by an artist who lost his sight after serving in Vietnam war for two years.

Yes, he was a soldier and due to the debris of explosions he lost his eyesight gradually. But, passionate for painting, he didn’t quit to paint.

By his wife’s help he is keeping his passion alive at the age of 72. You can watch him talking about it:

Now, when you say you never found the time to follow your passion, remember this man.


Online art-sale to grow from $1.57 billion to $3.76 billion by 2018

Another important news to report is that online art marketing about to become the double the size of what it is right now in next five years. In 2013, the total online art-sale was around $1.57 billion which is expected to reach $3.76 billion in 2018 according to the source.

That’s a rapid growth and for the websites which are selling art online is a great news because this news also means that the ‘golden period’ of their business is yet to come.

Recognize the famous paintings

Now, lets look at some images which are the 8 bit versions of the famous art-works. See if you can recognize all of them. If you do, you can write them in the comment section.

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat - 8 bit Mona Lisa - 8 bit Mona Lisa in Louvre - 8 bit The Kiss - 8 bit version The Scream being sold - 8 bit Wonder woman - 8 bit

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