For Artists

For Artists, is our effort to help the artists all around the world who have just began to understand the art or the established artists. Any painter, beginner or veteran, will find something new, something knowledgeable in this section which they could practically apply in their painting efforts. Maybe it will the insights of the art of the painting or the researched information gathered from the renaissance or even older era – as far as the art of painting reaches – and present it to you. It will also provide you the explanations of art terms, glossary and jargons of the art world from renaissance times to the modern period.

This section will dissect the art of painting in parts, understand it and provide deep insight gathered from it to the artists who are trying to understand the art and creating their own masterpieces.

For artists, will mainly focus on explaining the process of painting from the very beginning to the end. During the process comes various parts and learning curves which comprises many attributes and subpart and jargons. To become a knowledgeable and efficient painter understanding all these paradigms are essential but at the same time, could be confusing or distracting.

That’s why, in this section, we will teach you  the art of painting – at the very basic level and acting just as a guidline. It will help you understand and know more about it, so you can progress in your passion without getting stuck or confused. Our first post of the section, “11 Steps of Painting a Picture” is where you can start exploring this section.

Also, another part of the section are Contests. From time to time, we will post new drawing/painting contests with gifts for the winners. We already have a successful drawing contest in which painters all around the world participated and produced more than 200 art works. Expect for more contests, participate in them, win prizes and also get your work published on our site for world wide exposure.

We hope, this section helps you.