A Forest View with Figures by a Stream by Hendrikus van den Sande Bakhuyzen

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A Forest View with Figures by a Stream by Hendrikus van den Sande Bakhuyzen

Painting NameA Forest View with Figures by a Stream
Painter NameHendrikus van den Sande Bakhuyzen
Size70 x 55 cm (27.56" x 21.65")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Hendrikus Bakhuyzen was a Dutch painter of the 19th century often capturing the wild and natural scenery on his canvas.  The jungle or outer area of a village or town is a favorite place for him to sit and rub his brushes on canvas.

In the current painting, showcases the beauty of jungle, village and stream at one place. The chosen place is kind of a vantage point to enjoy the junction of those three beautiful things at one place. The bridge and the figures on the rocks are enjoying the view, or maybe are there for fishing. And we can’t do anything but just envy them for having such splendid environment.

We often forget the importance of sitting among the tranquility of the nature, the sweet constant meditative noise of flowing stream-water, the sound of trees brushing to each-other, the chirping of birds in distance and the blue sky filled with white clouds. Visiting such place every once in a while, could diminish the requirement of pills for stress. The only thing needed is to have an eye for such beauty to explore and enjoy.

Maybe the painter, painted the scene for its  breathtaking, or mesmerizing view. Beholding the depiction, we can surely feel that the real scene should be as mesmerizing as it looks in the painting.



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