Aelbert Cuyp

Also known asAelbert Jacobsz Cuyp
BornOctober 20, 1620 ( Dordrecht, Netherlands)
DiedNovember 15, 1691 (Dordrecht, Netherlands)
PeriodBaroque, Dutch Golden Age

Paintings of Aelbert Cuyp

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You may have heard about the mystical figure of Orpheus from the Greek mythology. But, I think the background story needs to be told to understand the essence of this artwork. Orpheus was a proficient poet and musician with the magical ability to mesmerize all living things with his music. It was an incredible expertise for a musician. That’s why, everyone was always so eager to hear him. The legend goes further with the death of his wife. To redeem her from the grip of death, he went to the underworld. By his music, the things living in underworld got mesmerized and allowed him pass all the way to the Hades – the underworld king. Hades heard about his misery and decided to let his […]


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