Alexei Alexeivich Harlamoff

Also known asAlexej Alexejewitsch Charlamoff

Paintings of Alexei Alexeivich Harlamoff

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The young girl looks like she has been brought to sit on the chair while she was playing in a dusty playground. The innocence, the carelessness and the playfulness of a child is finely depicted in the current portrait of a young tomboyish girl. Alexei Harlamoff  has prominently focused on the girl’s face as we see the natural innocence in the girl’s chubby face and the big eyes. She is looking in vain which makes us more to think about the thoughts she is thinking about. What runs into a child’s mind? Moreover, the deliberate color strokes to create dirty look puts us into the playground of any child. By looking at her we can imagine that she is straightly coming from a playground where her hairs got […]


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