Charles Marion Russell

Also known asCharles M. Russell,C. M. Russell,Charlie Russell
BornMarch 19, 1864 (St. Louis, Missouri, United States)
DiedOctober 24, 1926 (Great Falls, Montana, United States)

Paintings of Charles Marion Russell

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This 1902, oil-on-canvas painting , “Attack on a Wagon”, is a work of an Old American West artist Charles Marion Russell known as the ‘cowboy artist’. It is a depiction of a bunch of red-Indians attacking on the wagon train of white men. The scene is from the time around mid-1800s, when the American government started to expand their lands. In this process, the wide-spread red-Indians across all of the USA were the main interruption for the government. Government used harsh techniques in the acquisition. By attacking on the tribes with much advanced and powerful weapons than those traditional Indians who had spears as the most advanced technology. To stay safe, some tribes leaned under and started to live on the lands given by the government. […]


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