Chris Van Der Windt

BornAugust 22 1877 (Brussels)
DiedFebruary 7 1952 (Leiden)

Paintings of Chris Van Der Windt

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We are seeing a hot afternoon under which a peasant is working on his vegetable garden.The realistic approach of the painting gives it a solid and original orientation to the painting. As if the artist tried to give us the glimpse of the place without adding any artistic flavours. It is just a plain view of a day in which one of the working peasants is bent over the ground. It could be represented as a resemblance to the daily life of a peasant in the country or any labour around the world. The deliberate realistic angel gives the subject its originality. You can’t depict a hard-working labour with calorific and decorative way to describe his hardship or his daily work. The description should be […]


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