Claude-Joseph Vernet

BornAugust 14, 1714 (Avignon, France)
DiedDecember 3, 1789 (Paris, France)
PeriodSturm und Drang

Paintings of Claude-Joseph Vernet

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The catastrophic depiction of a sea was commissioned to the artist Cloude Joseph Vernet by one of the richest Russian Nikolai Yusupov at the time. Vernet produced a full series of such shipwreck by a thunderous storm with oil on canvas. As an adept artist, Vernet has tried to depict the full scenario and happening when storm wrecks a ship on a coast. The boat is already going down with the tall tsunami-like waves. The wreckage of the broken ship is floating on the uneven surface of water. In the distance, there are two more ships which are struggling for survival but probably won’t win against the strong thunderstorm. This is such a dangerous scenario to experience in real life. Moreover, in real experience, what […]


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