Eugene Delacroix

Also known asFerdinand Victor Eugène Delacroix
BornApril 26, 1798 (Saint-Maurice-en-Chalencon, France)
DiedAugust 13, 1863 (Paris, France)

Paintings of Eugene Delacroix

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The artist of romanticism, Eugène Delacroix was a French painter, born on 26th April, 1798. He is mainly known for his romanticism in his paintings, as well the excellent use of colors. He painted some great artworks, some of which made ripples in the contemporary times, while some got poorly criticized. Though, up and downs are the real flow of life and no artist has ever experience an undisturbed fame in their lives. He was no exception. But, maybe the luck was not all that furious upon him, as in his career, he didn’t have any steep downfalls. Even in the later years, he was getting good commissions from the patrons. He is considered as one of the artists who were born in between the line […]