Johannes Vermeer

Also known asJohannes, Jan or Johan Vermeer
BornOctober 31, 1632 (Delft, Netherlands)
DiedDecember 15, 1675 (Delft, Netherlands)
PeriodBaroque Dutch Golden Age

Paintings of Johannes Vermeer

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Called sometimes as “The Dutch Mona Lisa”, Girl with a Pearl Earring is history’s one of the most famous paintings which even provoked a novel, a movie and a play with the same name.  There are many – real or made up – notions stating the girl in the painting is Vermeer’s daughter, maid or his commissioner’s daughter. Though, the theory that she is Vermeer’s maid has caught up in the general public as it was mentioned in the novel published in 1999. Real and solid evidences are yet to find out. Whoever she could be, but her grace, gaze and the painting’s focal point – the pearl earring – have made it unique and attractive for any viewer. Her simple posture, clothes and normal […]


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The Milkmaid ranks among Johannes Vermeer’s best known works. It is known for its ample depiction and also for multiple interpretations viewers and critics make, which ranges from pragmatic views to theoretical meanings. The painting origins from the 17th century of Dutch Golden Age. The Subject The subject of the painting is a Milkmaid pouring fresh milk in a bowl. Though, in the 17th century Dutch people didn’t have special Milkmaids. They were called “Kitchen maids” or ‘maid of all works’. Such maids were subject to do all types of works necessary in the kitchen or house. Also, such kitchen maids were also predisposed for love and sex. It wasn’t unapproved in society. The Milkmaid Analysis Vermeer has depicted the scene and the woman with […]


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