John Singleton Copley

BornJuly 3, 1738, Boston, Massachusetts, United States
DiedSeptember 9, 1815, London, United Kingdom

Paintings of John Singleton Copley

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One of the famous American paintings depicting a real life event. When 18th century artist, John Singleton Copley reached in London in 1774, Brook Watson commissioned him to portray his life event when he was attacked by shark during a swim in ocean. The attacked had happened in 1749, when Watson was of 14 years old. Total of three versions were made of the event. Each with slightly different depiction method. The represented one is a romanticized version which hides the cut off leg of Watson in the depth of water. During the attack, shark had bitten off his one leg. As it would be expected for such scenes, everyone on the boat is frightened and is helping to save Watson. Watson was saved eventually […]


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