Thomas Gainsborough

BornMay 14, 1727, Sudbury, United Kingdom
DiedAugust 2, 1788, London, United Kingdom

Paintings of Thomas Gainsborough

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The Blue Boy is a painting by the English painter Thomas Gainsborough who was an expert in portraits and landscapes. The painting is suggested to be mainly a costume study, as it includes a very detailed depiction of boy’s clothing. The Blue Boy Analysis Boy is standing in the popular style of contrapposto used from the time of renaissance. He seems determined and confident in his stance. His one hand holds a plumed hat popular in 18th century while the on the other hand kept on the waist hangs a cape-like clothe. He is clothed in shiny, silky clothing. In the background is a big mountain slope with trees. Similarly dark sky seems surrounds the boy’s body in the romanticism style. Artist’s expertise at the landscape […]


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