The Rocky Mountains, Lander’s Peak by Albert Bierstadt

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The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak by Albert Bierstadt

Painting NameThe Rocky Mountains Lander's Peak
Painter NameAlbert Bierstadt
Completion Date1863
Size186.7 cm × 306.7 cm (73.5 in × 120.75 in)
Current LocationMetropolitan Museum of Art (Manhattan New York United States)

A masterpiece happens when the artist doesn’t miss to include anything in the contexts of logic, theme, aesthetics, subject and reality. Though, that’s not an ultimate definition or the key to create a masterpiece. Those are just the few elements which we see in a masterpiece regardless it is a painting, story, sculpture or a building. They are mostly very comprehensive.

The current painting could be categorized as a masterpiece of the artist. Giving enough weight and stance to each object in the painting, he hasn’t missed the littlest details of the real environment. Even a little squirrel on the lower left corner stands there un-boastingly. The painting could be called a veduta.

The tribe resting beside the stream is a fortunate one for the chance to live with the nature. The peace, the calmness, joy and convergence with people you get in such place is inimitable.

German-American artist Albert Bierstadt’s depiction is beautifully detailed, compositionally exceptional and similarly enjoyable. This 1863’s work was done with oil on canvas. The used canvas is big with dimensions of around 6 by 10 feet. Obviously, the littlest detail included in the picture would require a sizable canvas.

It currently rests in Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.


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