Warren Rogers by Theodore Lund

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Warren Rogers by Theodore Lund

Painting NameWarren Rogers
Painter NameTheodore Lund
Completion Date1839
Size5.2 x 6.8 cm (2.05" x 2.68")
Current LocationMetropolitan Museum of Art (Manhattan New York United States)
2 Responses to “Warren Rogers by Theodore Lund”
  1. Sue Miller

    I am a relative of Theodore Lund and have art work of his. I`d like more info on him and about my artwork.

    • admin

      We are very glad that you visited our website. Would you like to publish his artwork and details on our website? Only after you do so, we could recognize the art-work. After that we could search in our database for any related information.

      Really Appreciate your contribution for art community. Thanks.

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