A Mountainous River Landscape by Josef Thoma

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A Mountainous River Landscape by Josef Thoma-Landscape Painting

Painting NameA Mountainous River Landscape
Painter NameJosef Thoma
Size104.8 x 68.6 cm (3' 5.26" x 27.01")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Sky-high mountains, thick and tall jungles and a white like milk stream running and roaring through the jungle; that’s quite a scene to enjoy a campfire. You can’t have more closure to nature at any other site. Because the jungles and the mountains are the elements which consist the pure and genuine form of the world which is unmodified by human kind. It’s like strolling in a different world where apart from the sounds of animals, birds, water and the speedy winds, no other nascence could be heard. Maybe that’s why serious meditators choose jungles or mountains for their spiritual progress through meditation.

Josef Thoma is renowned artist for his depictions of natural landscapes and the scenery which emphasizes the genuine flora and fauna in to its most original form. You can call him an artist who endorses for the safety of natural places. Although, it’s not an official claim, but his works speaks so.

Nevertheless, nature lover or not, any viewer can enjoy his painting equally as much the artist might have enjoyed painting it.


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