A Musical Evening by Guglielmo Zoochi

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A Musical Evening by Guglielmo Zoochi

Painting NameA Musical Evening
Painter NameGuglielmo Zoochi
Size111.5 x 86.5 cm (43.9" x 34.06")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Guglielmo Zoochi was an Italian painter born in 1874. Majority of his work depended on displaying the contemporary women enjoying different kind of activities. The women portrayed in his paintings were often very beautiful wearing traditional clothing and makeup.

The current oil-on-canvas painting is called A Musical Evening. It captures the moment of some women and two men from affluent houses, enjoying the music at a particular evening. Expensive clothing of characters, house filled with expensive furniture and decorative pieces of carpet and wallpapers clearly states that it is a house of one of the wealthiest persons in Italy.

The particular moment demonstrates the complete enjoyment of characters with music. A woman is playing an instrument by reading the notes. She seems to be indulged in music very deeply, that she doesn’t seem to care about the happenings around her. The elder woman holding a piece of paper is maybe trying to decide which notes should be played next. The woman sitting at the left end of the table appears thinking or just enjoying the tones. The man far behind seems more interested in the woman with red hair, adding a little bit romance in the scene.

Guglielmo has differentiated the dresses with fine sense of color, fabric and the light reflection. There a good continuity of light in every part of the painting making sure that the viewer that the light source is not rapturous, but certain.

After a considerable time of thinking, I can surely conclude that the scene, in the painting is an exact replica of the wealthy women in contemporary times of the painter.




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