A View Of Mount Pilatus by Robert Zund

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A View Of Mount Pilatus by Robert Zund

Painting NameA View Of Mount Pilatus
Painter NameRobert Zund
Place of CreationLucerne, Switzerland
Size26 x 31.8 cm (10.24" x 12.52")
Current LocationPublic collection

The vivid painting of mount Pilatus on canvas is drawn by Swiss painter Robert Zund. He was well-known for his love for natural beauties and always avoiding portraying modern technologies like railways, tractors and high-rise buildings, etc. His main theme of painting landscapes was emphasized by illustrating it richly detailed and in realistic manner.

A View of Mount Pilatus Analysis

Showing the mountain far away under the heavy stack of white clouds, at the first look the Mount Pilatus goes almost unnoticed to the viewer. White clouds and blue sky attracts all the attention for the first time view.

Though, as we remember the name of the painting once again, we realize the central object being the mountain itself. Being in the lower part of the painting, it doesn’t attract the viewer at the first glance, after realizing its position, we can’t take our eyes off of it out of curiosity.

Artist has tried to depict it in the natural way. As of he tried to depict it, in the same way he saw it realistically, instead of adding any imaginative elements into it.

The charm of the painting is in its simplicity and natural view captured, which is subjected to enjoy in the same natural way. Such paintings gives the mind joy over multiple views instead of one full and final contemplation. Because, such simplistic depiction are more intended to enjoy instead of understand.

Significant Site in Switzerland for multiple reasons

Mount Pilatus is a mountain in Lucerne, Switzerland. It is one of the highest mountains and has many visitors every year.

As being one of the most beautiful countries, Switzerland contains countless captivating landscapes. Mount Pilatus is one of them. Famous personalities like queen Victoria and Theodore Roosevelt have reached the peak of the mountain, making it one of the important places in Switzerland.

Dragon in the mountain

Another important fact that I could relate with is the legend related with the mountain. In old times, people believed there was a dragon living in the caves of the mountain, whose name was Flue. This fascinating fact adds the charm when we imagine a fiery dragon still living in the rifts of the mountain.

These facts are obviously charming and maybe the reason many visitors are going to see the mountain with their own eyes. Thus, this legacy and importance may have provoked Robert Zund to capture and save this mystical mountain in his oeuvre.



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