A Village Gathering along a Frozen River by Kilian Christoffer Zoll

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A Village Gathering along a Frozen River by Kilian Christoffer Zoll

Painting NameA Village Gathering along a Frozen River
Painter NameKilian Christoffer Zoll
Completion Date1855
Size95.2 x 120.6 cm (37.48" x 47.48")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Genre scenes like this generally doesn’t consist any striking elements which can capture one’s eyes immediately. Like in the fantasy or dramatic scenes contains some elements which can spectacularly impress the viewer’s mind. Such as Massacre of the Innocents by Peter Paul Rubens in which the cruel scene grips our mind and forces to find out more about the scene represented. Genre paintings tend to be more sober and without frills of high-imaginations.

Here, the western genre painting accomplished by Swedish artist Kilian Zoll, also gives a cool effect and explores the contemporary village’s customs. The river happily roaring aside the village has totally stopped by the winter’s cold. Thus, villagers now have a new ground open to delve upon.

All kind of activities are going on. The children are playing; the elders are busy with their chores or have gathered to reunite with the acquaintances whom they can’t regularly meet. The heavy snow and cold weather had made them wear sweaters. In that cold, not a single leaf has been able to stay attached with the trees. We can sense an air of refreshment among the folks. And at last, the animals, nothing has changed much for them apart from cold they are bearing.

So, as a genre painting’s purpose is to represent the general life of any particular tribe or village or people the painting finely represent the atmosphere of a village in winter and their custom to meet on the frozen river.


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