African figures dancing in a courtyard by Gustavo Simoni

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African figures dancing in a courtyard by Gustavo Simoni-Watercolour Painting

Painting NameAfrican figures dancing in a courtyard
Painter NameGustavo Simoni
Completion Date1887
Size57 x 58.8 cm (22.44" x 23.15")
Current LocationPrivate collection

An African ceremony is going on in this painting as there are figures in customary attires and traditional instruments. Many people have gathered to see the show as the walk-ways are full of people. Even for the dancers and musicians there is very little space to perform. Though, in the depicted moment the central figures are gazing straight to us with ambiguous eyes. Thus, the painting is depicted as if it has been photographed by someone. Their gaze as curious and questioning as our minds are curious by looking their attires, tradition and unique style of gathering.

Africa has been a backward country from the start due to the slavery and has been left illiterate in many parts. That’s why it’s centuries old customaries are still intact and performed among its local tribes.

This painting is from the late 19th century, painted with watercolor on paper. We can sense the exotic culture of Africa through the presented scene. African culture has its own perks. This could be their everyday scene or a yearly ceremony, either way they are enjoying it. The tradition dance is always entertaining and somewhat religious in a way.

By looking at the buildings and surroundings, the place looks like a portion of a nicely developed town. People’s enthusiastic faces ads the importance to the ceremony.

The represented cultural aspects, traditions and the customs are the subjects to determine which are explicitly depicted in the original form.


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