Amalfi Coast by William Stanley Haseltine

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Amalfi Coast by William Stanley Haseltine (William Stanley  Haseltine)

Painting NameAmalfi Coast
Painter NameWilliam Stanley Haseltine
Completion Date1867
Place of CreationCampania, Italy, Province of Salerno
Size139.7 x 81.28 cm (4' 7" x 32")
Current LocationPublic collection

The beautiful scenery depicted here is accomplished by an American painter William Stanley Haseltine born in Philadelphia, in 1835. He was a landscape artist, mostly having sea in his landscapes. He spent his later years in Europe with his wife. He would often have excursions in Rome to draw the different landscapes.

This is a depiction of Italy’s small town Amalfi stated on the gulf of Salerno, painted in 1867. Around 1930s it was a popular destination for British aristocrats due to its beautiful coastal scenery and dramatic cliffs.

During his travels to Europe, William Haseltine stopped here to draw the eye-catching scenery. It is a vivid portrayal of the city. The houses in a hierarchy alignment on the hills and the sea-coast surrounding the city are very close to the real scene. Though, the bridge in the front is the artist’s liberty to balance the painting in artistic manner. It is not present in the real town.

There is no sun in the frame and that is something catchy about the scene. The reflection on the water suggests that sun is not set on the horizon and it should be lower in the sky. Well, maybe the presence of the sun in the scene could attract away our gaze from the beauty of the scenery.

The reflection on water also suggests us it is a time of early morning or the late evening. Can’t imagine how many mornings or evenings the artist might have spent to finish the painting.

After the patience of days, the result is very vivid, calm and soothing to see. Anyone would like to have this oil-on-canvas art in their house hanged on the wall.


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