An English Idyll, Figures Outside A Thatched Cottage by David Woodlock

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An English Idyll  Figures Outside A Thatched Cottage by David Woodlock

Painting NameAn English Idyll Figures Outside A Thatched Cottage
Painter NameDavid Woodlock
Size122.5 x 73.5 cm (4' .23" x 28.94")
TechniquePencil Watercolour
Current LocationPrivate collection

The very colorific and exaggerating portrayal of a rural English suburb is achieved by a British artist lived from 1842 to 1929. Just like the represented one, he depicted the natural beauty or the genre paintings of his surrounding localities. It included people, rural scenes, some architecture and places set among the natural beauty.

This very portrayal is a representation such a village which is set within a beautiful natural landscape, which surrounds the village with its low grassy mounds and far reaching meadows. It is a perfect environment to live a peaceful life, which we strive for in today’s busy world with cluttered places.

The portraying of the village shown here could be the most perfect place in the entire village as there is a beautiful little pond against the house with aqueous flowers and plants flourishing in it. The pavement between the pond and the house leads to other parts of the village which is surrounded by tendering flower plants which looks like oleanders. You can just imagine how peaceful and attractive the whole village could be by looking at this portion. The two women chatting in the middle or the cows grazing at backdrop look very calm. The women are taking some rest during their everyday chores. This leisure time also indicates the serenity of the place.

Unrealistic and imaginative colors used in the image could be the symbols of the emotions the artist was getting while watching the real scene. It would be hard to achieve the mind-pleasing sensation we feel watching the picture with a realistic approach. The exaggerating colors generate a clear impression in our mind that the place could not be more perfect to live in as the title suggests.


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