Three Studies of Lucian Freud by Francis Bacon

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Three Studies of Lucian Freud by Francis Bacon

Painting NameThree Studies of Lucian Freud
Painter NameFrancis Bacon
Completion Date1969
Place of CreationLondon, Royal College of Art
Size198 cm × 147.5 cm (78 in × 58 in); for each canvas
Current LocationPrivate collection

Made in 1969, the three studies of Lucian Freud were made by Francis Bacon and is the most expensive painting of all time sold at an auction by November 2013. The price tag without adjusting the inflation is around $142.4 million.

Francis Bacon was a figurative painter and painted many of his paintings in such triptych style. According to his statement he always saw images in series. And thus, he painted those series in triptych styles.

The current one has become his most famous painting after the auction. It depicts his friend Lucian Freud sitting in three different positions in an imaginary background and a linear box. The figure seems to be deformed or distorted and the face of the person has gone to the extent of grotesque. Due to the subjects’ grotesque theme in many of his paintings, Bacon has been despised as much as he is acclaimed for his artistic abilities.

According to some reviewers, the boxes drew around the body are not accurate enough. The point they came up with is that in every painting, one line goes behind the subject with accuracy to split apart the subject’s head in perfect two pieces. This could be a meaningless trait or could have been a help for the painter during the work.


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