Cader Idris, North Wales by John Varley

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Cader Idris North Wales by John Varley

Painting NameCader Idris North Wales
Painter NameJohn Varley
Completion Date1819
Place of CreationGwynedd, North Wales, United Kingdom, Wales
Size61 x 43 cm (24.02" x 16.93")
TechniquePencil, Watercolour
Current LocationPrivate collection

The beautiful, eye candy and fictional looking scene is actually a real place in Wales with a much history hidden under its high hills and deep waters. It is, as the title says itself, the Cadair Idris – the chair of Idris.

In Welsh mythology, Idris was a giant who used the hill as a chair to gaze upon the stars. Derived from the mythology, the place became known as Cadair Idris.

English painter might have been attracted to the place for its mythological importance as well as the astonishing beauty. We see a certain completeness in the scene as nothing else seems to be left out.

Painting contains an artistic play of colors in which the artist has used the most darker colors at the bottom and have gradually lighten it to the white while getting to the top of the painting. It is a like using colors in a certain flow. Maybe the strong base of dark colors gives the painting its weightage in viewer’s mind.

The use of watercolor pencil has become beneficial to the artist as the painting contains very fine details at lines and curves, which is harder to accomplish in other mediums.



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