Cattle and Sheep in a River Landscape by Henry Brittan Willis

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Cattle and Sheep in a River Landscape by Henry Brittan Willis

Painting NameCattle and Sheep in a River Landscape
Painter NameHenry Brittan Willis
Completion Date1847
Size87 x 132.25 cm (34¼" x 4' 4.07")
Current LocationPrivate collection

This calm, serene and restful painting of a river landscape is a perfect destination for a peace and nature lover to live in. on the term that you would have to be skilled in breeding cattle and sheep. That remains as your only way of earning out there.

On the left there is a little yard telling us that the animals are the possession of a herdsman living there. The boat in the far background indicates the inhabitant’s connection with other people.

Looking at the panting’s date we can assume that many people lived in such beautiful conditions back then when the industrial boom was on its first step. People were more relied on farming and breeding the cattle and sheep and selling the produces. It was a simple and quite life without many needs and aspirations. You can claim it a happy one without with a negligible stress or dependence.

There may not be all the facilities available to enjoy but the serenity of mind and heart was a sure thing that you can count in.

Today, such scenes have been polluted by the smokes of the factories and rivers are transformed into a place of pouring all type of trash. I am afraid, in future we will find these kind of clean and original landscapes only in paintings.


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