Christmas Decorating by Stevan Dohanos

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Christmas Decorating by Stevan Dohanos

Painting NameChristmas Decorating
Painter NameStevan Dohanos
Completion Date1960
Size86.4 x 76.2 cm (34.02" x 30")
Current LocationPrivate collection

‘Christmas Decorating’ consist, a ‘Professional building’ where works grumpy looking bosses and quiet employees; we can’t imagine such place celebrating something which is always indulged in reaching the goals and finishing the everyday work.

Nowadays, the christams fever has reached everywhere. From offices to government to little shops to MNCs and website will look like the Christmas themes is their original theme from the start. But, in old days of 1960s when the American realist artist Steven Dohanos depicted this painting ‘Christmas Decorating’, maybe the professional world was reluctant about expressing their Christmas celebrations openly or maybe they had just started it.

“Professional Building” board in the front with clearly given importance in the painting and a doctor and a nurse decorating their ‘professional’ clinic with Christmas decorations provides us the sense that people started to celebrate the Christmas in public places with intense decorations. It’s an indirect indication about the rest of the town’s enthusiasm and reach of the festival to general people’s hearts.

Another appealing factor is that artist has chosen a clinic instead of an office with people doing their jobs silently. A doctor’s clinic is where ill and diseased people come. A Christmas decoration would surely distract their minds away pleasantly from their agonies for a moment. That’s a very good start while visiting a clinic.

Moreover, the cool colors used for the buildings walls and the warm ones for inside the room are showing the warmth of the festival that everyone feels in the air. Maybe these are just assumptions but fit well enough.

Christmas is inarguably the best holiday in the whole year as it brings big smiles and laughs on everyone’s face with its customs of Christmas trees, decorations, lightings, Christmas stockings, stories, big presents as well as the emotional rejuvenation of hopes for better future. The joy of Christmas couldn’t be understood without celebrating one.

Merry Christmas!


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