Earth to Universe by Donato Giancola

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Earth to Universe by Donato Giancola

Painting NameEarth to Universe
Painter NameDonato Giancola
Completion Date1998
Size45.72 x 50.8 cm (18" x 20")
Current LocationPrivate collection

American science-fiction and fantasy illustrator Donato Giancola is a revered artist in modern times. He has been described as a ‘cult hero’ among the fantasy collectible card game players and is said that he is most popular and successful illustrator.

The reason for this kind of respect he gained is visible in this art. He has made this illustration back in 1998, when computers were not powerful enough to render the graphic qualities shown here. Painted on paper mounted on Masonite, this scene feels like straight out of a modern movie based on robotic futures. It is robot of a futuristic world where thinking robots have been discovered and are active in daily life. This particular moment represents a robot involved in thinking-process about a holographic galaxy emerged by the similar advanced technologies. As it is an illustration, we don’t know the full story but least we can assume with confidence is that the robot is on some mission or a task in which he had to stop and think about.

The combination of the universe and a robotic future allures us to think more about world. Maybe it’s a story going on. Or maybe the artist wanted to represent a future when the human kind will achieve the universe by the help of the intelligent robots. Anything is possible or at least in imagination, it seems possible.

The chrome texture of the robot reflects the surrounding but nothing is much clear. Although, on the robot’s chest there is a vague figure visible whose head is between his hands. It suggests that artist had cared about the surroundings to make the painting more realistic.

It’s very contradictory truth that men wants to build robots like this which can think, learn and understand its surroundings and can take vital decisions, but at the same time, men are afraid of them as there is a threat that they could conquer human and take over the earth under their iron feet. This tangled but firm ambition is also being illustrated here.

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