Farmyard Rascals by Gaetano Chierici

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Farmyard Rascals by Gaetano Chierici Everyone wants their childhood back. Everyone. And this picture shows us why.

Do you ever remember your childhood as a tensed segment of your life or a tedious time? Probably, not.

We remember it with memories full of bright, shine and adventurous memories. The memories of the events we lived at its full, the moments which were redeemed prosperously.

We just want that enjoyment back. Sometimes when we find our current lives difficult, we desire to get those times back. Italian painter Gaetano Chierici has caught our nerve here by portraying a spontaneous childhood.

At the first glance on the painting, we start to remember our childhood as being adventurous one. As not worrying about all the germs on animals about which we learnt later, about carelessly sitting the smeary floor on which we resist to sit now, about fearlessly entering a lonely house in a farm and just having fun no matter what.

Gaetano might have seen some kids playing or remembered his own childhood as an inspiration for this painting. But he has enjoyed the process of making it as much we are enjoying watching it.

The depiction of these little rascals is true to life and the expressions are very natural. The animals strolling around them feel real. At the end, we just want to jump into the painting somehow and start cuddling those children and animals.




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