Highland Cattle Grazing by a Mountain Stream by William Watson

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Highland Cattle Grazing by a Mountain Stream by William Watson Beautiful natural sceneries have always amazed human-brain and that could be the reason most artist tries to depict the natural landscapes at least for once. The tranquility, pureness and transparency found in a natural environment are found nowhere else. There is no falsehood here. The honesty of the scenery may be is the lucrative element.

Painting NameHighland Cattle Grazing by a Mountain Stream
Painter NameWilliam Watson
Completion Date1888
Size61 x 91.5 cm (24.02" x 3')
Current LocationPrivate collection

The current portrayal made in 1888 represents the highland cattle in a landscape. The place is set among the mountains where the chill is the natural element. The cattle depicted here are no normal. They are the special breed who can survive the chill, which won’t be bearable for the normal beef cattle. That’s why, for the inhabitants of the highlands these highland cattle are the only option to accomplish their everyday works like carrying heavy loads, tillage-work or any other heavy labor. Moreover, the wool derived from them is also very useful. They are similar to the mountain yaks, who are as much useful as these highland cattle.

The painting positions the highland cattle in magnifying manner. The species importance and the necessity in the area have no other option. No other animals would be able to bear the rigid conditions.

William Watson has made a full series of highland cattle posing in the mountain areas. He might have some kind of adoration for the animals or for the environments, either way, his works stands as one of the best work around.


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