Landscape with Rainbow, Henley-on-Thames by Jan Siberechts

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Landscape with Rainbow, Henley­on­Thames by Jan Siberechts

Painting NameLandscape with Rainbow Henley-on-Thames
Painter NameJan Siberechts
Completion Date1690
Size103 x 82.5 cm (3' 4.55" x 32.48")
Current LocationTate Gallery (London United Kingdom)

One of the most important early landscapes in the Tate’s collection, this view of Henley-on-Thames is one of several the artist made of the subject, the last dated picture being painted in 1698. Such realistic representations of landscape were not prevalent among British artists, and Siberechts’s skilful use of light and shadow and meticulous attention to detail reflect his Flemish background. His depiction is not entirely accurate – the view is embellished and the perspective distorted – but it has an appearance of realism and shows recognisable features. The church on the right of the picture still stands.


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