Meditation by Charles Amable Lenoir

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Painting NameMeditation
Painter NameCharles Amable Lenoir
Completion Date1899
Size141 x 89 cm (55.51" x 35.04")
Current LocationPrivate collection

The lovely lady discerning into unknown is depicted by an award-winner French painter Charles Amable Lenoir who got the Prix de Rome twice during his career.

The current picture portrays a lady deeply thinking about something. We never know what her thoughts are circling around. She could be thinking about her past, future, present or even what she should wear next day. I mean, it is a little mystery that artist have implied in the painting. We can’t get to know about the insight of mind. The facial expressions are deep and convince us quickly about her imagination. But, lack of defining lines on the face makes the mystery rolling on.

It’s just like meditation. You never know what a meditator thinks about all the time while he sits on a mat or a on a stone if the meditator is a friar from Himalayas. Maybe you have to do it yourself to know.

Here, the same mantra repeats. You can’t certainly perceive the mind of the lady. Maybe that’s why the artist kept the title meditation.

Though, meditation could mean by that a deep thinking on any subject. That also could be the meditation. There are many interpretations to come up with. May be the artist wanted us to meditate about the lady’s thought while we think what she is thinking about. Thus, the title and the portrayal have an ambiguous meaning to understand differently by every viewer keeping the process of thinking-meditation in the center.


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