Meditation by Leonard Campbell Taylor

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Meditation by Leonard Campbell Taylor

Painting NameMeditation
Painter NameLeonard Campbell Taylor
Completion Date1899
Size89 x 141 cm (35.04" x 4' 7.51")
Current LocationPrivate collection

A British painter born in late 19th century, Leonard Campbell Taylor was a prolific artist in England. He served as an official war-artist in First World War.

Though, the depictions of the incidents of the war came later in his life. Before that he used to depict aristocrat women of the England in their royal and costly mansions. He painted many paintings in which the delicate women were the central point.

The theme repeats in the current portrayal as a woman is standing near a fireplace holding a vase in her hand and gazing at it with emotions. At a closure look, the side-face reflects a little sadness. Maybe the girl is one of her loved ones. Maybe her father as a little portrait of herself can be seen in the upper left corner. The vase could be the symbol of their relation and the girl could be standing near the vase for a long time missing him. She is constantly thinking about the person with utter need, the same thing which is done in meditation, thinking about a thing for a time constantly.

Nothing could be sure about the missing one’s identification as there are no strong indicators. But the sad face, the vase as a symbol of the missing one and the portrait of the girl, all says that she is utterly missing one of her guardians.


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