Memoirs of a Geisha by David Lloyd Glover

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Memoirs of a Geisha

Painting NameMemoirs of a Geisha
Painter NameDavid Lloyd Glover

Geisha. A term which makes many people think about the traditional entertainers of Japan while the others –with little knowledge- wrongly knows Geisha as prostitutes. Whatever the reason is, Geisha is a known term in modern world with many controversies lugging behind it. David Lloyd Glover has given a way through his art to make us realize the truth behind the word.

Originally in Japanese culture, Geisha, The Person of Arts are the trained hostesses to receive guests and entertain them with their skills of dance, singing and conversations. They entertained people on purpose after getting at least 5 years’ training. That was their life. They were even not allowed to be in a relation while they are in the Geisha profession.

In the current painting, we see the girl in traditional Kimono robes of japan with a sad face, lost eyes and maybe thinking about her past, which was maybe not a very pleasing experience. The wrong beliefs of Geisha are prostitutes, is maybe the source of her inner agony and dispirited face.

Though, it is true that in past, there was a tradition called Mizuage in which the apprentice geisha Maiko’s virginity was sold to the highest bidder as a ritual sale of virginity. Maybe this tradition (which does no longer exist) was the cause to make people believe in the wrong way. But the tradition was seen by a totally different approach, a more honorable approach in the culture. We could call it taboo in today’s world, but in past every culture had their weird traditions.

This wrong belief about their profession – of their traditional art which they admire whole-heartedly and even wouldn’t marry for life-time to be in the profession – apparently is the main source of pain to every geisha. Here, the artist has represented a geisha as example of their miserable lives. Maybe he wants us to rethink about the geisha’s wrong image in our minds.


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