Albert Aublet

Also known asAlbert Louis Aublet
Born18 January 1851 (Paris , France)
DiedParis , France

Paintings of Albert Aublet

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Jeune Tunisienne means Young Tunisian. The artist who painted many nude and erotic depictions of woman hasn’t lost his erotic touch in current painting even though the woman is wearing full tradition clothes. Her stance and the firm face with clear eyes are similarly attractive. The display of the traditional dress with a posture which acts in graceful manner yet allures a young mind with an attempt to hide the beauty with the traditional women’s attire called Sefseri. Sefseri is the traditional clothing for women in Tunisia. It resembles to an Indian Sari but has a different take on wearing it. Sefseri are worn by woman to hide their whole body as well as to hide themselves from the man gaze. The full body covering […]