Altichiero da Zevio

Born1330 (Italy)
Died1390 (Verona, Italy)

Paintings of Altichiero da Zevio

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Padua has a very significant place in the scriptures for Jews and Christians. It has also been one of the places related heavily with Biblical stories. Padua is also known to have been a symbolic play in many of Shakespeare’s plays. Although I have been fascinated by the frescoes in the Vatican, Padua remains a place I shall never forget because of its Basilica d’San Antonio. Excellence exemplified! It happens so many times to you – that you miss the bigger diamond while looking for the more hyped one. This fresco of Crucifixion gave me goose bumps, and it still does when I remember the depth – even while looking at it later through the internet. It is a story here, and in fact, I […]