Sir Thomas Lawrence

BornApril 13, 1769, Bristol, United Kingdom
DiedJanuary 7, 1830, London, United Kingdom

Paintings of Sir Thomas Lawrence

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Pinkie is simple, formal portraiture from 1794 of a little 12 years old girl named Sarah Barrett Moulton. It represents her full length portrait in the background of an open landscape. She stands gracefully gazing direct into the viewers’ eyes. Apart from its beautiful depiction, Pinkie is also known for its association with another painting The Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough. Pinkie Analysis It is a full length portrait representing the girl in a casual stance. The background is an open landscape. The name pinkie is given derived from her pink dress. Painter has put her in the scene in a way which makes her posture grand. The placement of the horizon at very low level and the big sky covering the girl’s body is […]


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