Also known asTiziano Vecellio, Tiziano Vecellio Di Gregorio, Tiziano Vice
Born1488 ( Pieve di Cadore, Italy)
DiedAugust 27, 1576 (Venice, Italy)
PeriodHigh Renaissance, Italian Renaissance, Renaissance

Paintings of Titian

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  The Assumption of the Virgin (or Assanta in Italian) by Titian is the considerably the best production of the holy instance of assumption by any artist. It is an altarpiece and hangs in the Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari in Venice. It is one of the important churches in Venice and is solely dedicated to The Assumption. The church also holds possession on other big art pieces such as St. John the Baptist by Donatello and Pesaro Madonna by Titian. The Assumption was completed in 1518 after two years of work and ranks among Titian’s finest works. The Assumption of Mother Mary The Assumption is said to be the end of the Mother Mary’s earthly life. After that she was taken to the […]


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