Portrait of a Bride by Johannes Cornelisz. Verspronck

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Portrait of a Bride by Johannes Cornelisz Verspronck

Painting NamePortrait of a Bride
Painter NameJohannes Cornelisz. Verspronck
Completion Date1640
Size76.5 x 79 cm (30.12" x 31.1")
Current LocationGalleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica (Rome Italy)

This mid-17th century portrait simply glorifies the contemporary time’s modest version of the bridal beauty. She looks quite comfortable and happy as she is about to marry someone. Artist has titled her as a bride but her attire is more like regentesses of the time. Maybe the difference of general and ceremonial clothing didn’t have any significant characteristics to easily point out.

Being an adept portrait-painter of the time, Verspronck had produced many commissions among which some were very lucrative. This hard-work and experience shows off in the current painting as the figure of the bride with its clothing and details of the somewhere transparent ruff (the big collar around the neck) are exceptionally accurate. The skilled hands of the artist also wins the bet at the depicting the face, which seems to be the bright, attractive and lively portion in the painting. The controlled grace and happiness of her aspiring marriage-life is beautifully captured. Her deep black eyes seems to be filled with many dreams and the slight smile on the lips spills out her inner desires of beginning a new life.

Painting something and adding a life in it has different weightage of sentimental values. Painting with accuracy is achieved by many but inherence of feelings in the painting could be accomplished only by a versed artist and we are not missing it in the current portrait.


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